Good Land Farms
Stony Plain Flower Farm offering Fresh Cut Flower Subscriptions

About Us

Good Land Farms is a small, family farm located in Parkland County, just a few minutes outside of Stony Plain, Alberta. What started off as a hobby and a way to feed our family, has now naturally evolved into a desire to share what we love with our community.


our philosphy


Good Land Farms represents a healthier and happier future for families, animals, and plants. 

Our farm operates with a holistic approach. By not over-farming, the quality of our hay and pastures are rich in nutrients. We purposefully build the depth and nutrient quality of our soil. As much as possible, we utilize the resources on our land. 

Our flower farm is designed using permaculture methodology. How we build the soil and nurture the carbon and nutrient cycles allows for our plants to take up all the vital minerals and elements required for blooming success.

Water conservation is important, so we use the natural contours of our land to slow, sink, and spread out all precipitation, and use mulch to prevent evaporation.  Our polyculture and ecological succession practices diminishes common soil diseases and insect pests. 

Thank you, Expanding Edge Permaculture (www.expandingedge.cafor helping us set up and for being a valuable resource for knowledge.

We will continue farming sustainably, and encourage other farmers to join us in this movement.  


our mission

  • We take joy in caring for our small herd of Lowline Angus and our friendly Kunekune pigs. 
  • We have an abundance of fresh, specialty flowers. 
  • We grow vegetables and fruit without the use of pesticides.
  • Our happy chickens repay us with beautiful, colourful eggs. 
  • We are growing a food forest and orchards so we can have a diversity of self sustaining food.
  • Our future plans include incorporating an event/workshop space to help others in the community learn to do what we do.