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Winter is long here in Alberta. You (and all the lovely humans in your life) deserve fresh, beautiful flowers all summer. Join our Fresh Cut Flower Club and we’ll set you up with a weekly subscription to get a generous bouquet of our best flowers and foliage.




Good Land Farms was awarded the 2018 Environmental Stewardship Award by the Stony Plain Chamber of Commerce. Our flowers are grown using natural and sustainable methods such as permaculture. We harvest flowers shortly before you receive them, so you get the freshest, happiest flowers possible. We grow a variety of interesting flowers and foliage that you won’t typically find at the grocery store.

We believe in connection with our members and would love to meet you! In June, we would like to welcome you to our flower farm. This will be a wonderful opportunity for you to see what goes on here and who we are. We will have refreshments and go over some tips on caring for your flowers to keep them vibrant as long as possible. We are finalizing the details and will send an email with two dates to choose from. 


We are offering two options for our 2019 Fresh Cut Flower Club.


Our fresh floral bouquets are generously and lovingly put together here at the farm and wrapped in kraft paper. When you bring them home, just unwrap, untie and pop those beauties into your vase or jar. 


This is ideal if you find joy in creating your own beautiful arrangements or want to create multiple smaller arrangements around your home. The bucket option will include a variety of farm fresh flowers and foliage, a bucket will also contain more stems then our pre-arranged option. 




Subscriptions are now closed!


We will be sending out more information to our subscribers with exact pick up locations and times. 



Sad you missed out?

Flower club subscriptions are now closed for this season, but if you’d like to be updated when we open up subscriptions again just fill out this form and we will contact you when the time comes.

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